Summary Description Of The System To Calculate Compound Bow Rankings

1. Introduction
In 1995 at the FITA Congress in Djakarta, Indonesia, the FITA World Ranking List was launched to rank the compound bow archers in relation to their performances at the Major Championships and Tournaments in the World. There is a lot of compound bows for sale so you can choose you perfect bow.

Since the first release several improvements have been made to guarantee a fair system that is a realistic view on the improvements of compound bow archers on a period of time.

We can say that with the current system, that analyses the quality of a tournament, we can define the best Olympic Match-Play archers on a continual basis.
In 2010 we have more than 10 compound bow tournaments counting for the World Ranking List and all compound bow archers are given a fair chance to improve their ranking.
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Take your music to the right audience with the help of Soundcloud

If you are wondering why music albums like Terra clicked, do not waste any more time. Terra was appropriately promoted online with the powerful tools of the most professional online music promoters called Soundcloud.

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Ethical impasse

Lately, though, discussion of such ideas has reverberated through the halls of Congress and along Main Street America, where legislators and citizens alike struggle with the theological dimensions of stem cell research. Continue reading


A sour note: Too few church organists

The pipe organ still reigns supreme in church music for Southside Baptist Church organist Ted Tibbs, professor of music at Samford University since 1959.

He proudly shows off the majestic pipes that loom over the Southside Baptist sanctuary, then skillfully flips the stops and pumps the pedals to send out the elegant strains of a Bach composition. But over the past three decades, Tibbs has watched as the electronic age shifted preferences in church music away from his favored instrument. Continue reading


Accord is the top choice of car thieves

Keep a close eye on the Honda Accord, if you have one. It’s rated No. 1 in the top 10 favorites of car thieves.

Others on the list compiled by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, are, in order: Toyota Camry, Oldsmobile Cutlass, Chevrolet full-sized pickup, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Jeep Cherokee, Chevrolet Caprice, Ford Taurus and Chevrolet Cavalier. Continue reading